Calcified Bilateral Ovarian Fibroma in a 15 Year Old Female: Case Report and Literature Review

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Alaba Moses Adesina
John Osaigbovoh Imaralu
Adebola Olukayode Yusuf
Mustapha Akanji Ajani


Aim: To highlight the potential for misdiagnosis of ovarian fibromas and need for careful evaluation especially when fertility altering decisions need to be taken in the young adolescent.

Presentation of Case: The authors here review literature and present the case of a 15 year old pre-menarchal patient with bilateral, solid hard ovarian tumors with marked ascites, who had bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, in whom the tumors turned out to be bilateral calcific ovarian fibromas.

Discussion: Ovarian neoplasia are often misdiagnosed because of their non-specific symptoms and similarities to other pathologies on radiological imaging. The management of adolescents with ovarian tumors poses peculiar challenges as there is need for a balance between the risk of malignancy and the need to preserve fertility. About 1/3 of pelvic masses in pre-pubertal girls are malignant. This fact in addition to the non-specific features of malignancy in this patient such as weight loss, ascites, necessitated further evaluation which included laparotomy.

Conclusion: Ovarian fibromas occur in adolescents and can pose a diagnostic dilemma; a high index of suspicion is required to plan fertility-sparing and cancer-limiting management.

Cancer, fertility, fibroid, fibroma, ovary, tumors

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Adesina, A. M., Imaralu, J. O., Yusuf, A. O., & Ajani, M. A. (2019). Calcified Bilateral Ovarian Fibroma in a 15 Year Old Female: Case Report and Literature Review. International Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Case Reports, 12(1), 1-7.
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