Case Series: Correcting Deformities: Eliminating the Fear of Stigma

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Isaac Olusayo Amole
Stephen Adesope Adesina
Adewumi Ojeniyi Durodola
Samuel Uwale Eyesan


Aim: To show how the surgery helped to eliminate the fear of the stigma associated with Hansen’s disease.

Presentation of Cases: We present a case series of two patients with right ulnar nerve paralysis and one patient with left foot drop. They all underwent surgery for correction of their deformities with excellent outcome.

Discussion: From the cases presented it was clear that though all of them were treated with multi-drug therapy for one year but they were still living under the fear of stigmatization until they had their deformities corrected through surgery. There was a great transformation in the lives of these affected individuals when they had their deformities corrected through surgery. They all overcame their fear of stigmatization after the successful surgery.

Conclusion: Correction of deformities is one of the ways of eliminating fear of stigmatization among the patients who have residual deformities after completing their treatment for Hansen’s disease. The government and non-governmental agencies could do more to make the service readily available and accessible to these individuals. This will help in reintegrating the treated individual back into the community and it will eventually lead to the closure of Leprosy camps.

Correcting deformities, stigmatization, Hansen’s disease, leprosy

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Amole, I., Adesina, S., Durodola, A., & Eyesan, S. (2019). Case Series: Correcting Deformities: Eliminating the Fear of Stigma. International Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Case Reports, 12(2), 1-5.
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