Periapical Cyst Following Replantation of Avulsed Teeth: A Case Report

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T. A. Oyedele
B. Sodipo
A. M. Adetayo
A. O. Ajimoko
E. Olawale


Introduction: Avulsion has been described as the traumatic displacement of the tooth out of the socket, and it accounts for 0.5% to 16% of traumatic injuries in the permanent dentition. Many complications have been associated with avulsed tooth following replantation. This paper aimed at presenting a case of the large cystic lesion following replantation of avulsed teeth.

Case Presentation: A case of a 17-year-old undergraduate student who presented in the dental clinic for medical screening as a mandatory exercise upon gaining admission. During the examination, a purulent pus discharge was noticed on the labial sulcus about tooth 11. History revealed that she had avulsion of teeth 11 and 12 about 4-years earlier that was replanted and splinted for 2-3 weeks and subsequently she was discharged from the clinic without any further treatment. Radiographic examination revealed periapical radiolucency without well define margin about teeth 11 and 12. Periapical surgery was carried out and two large cystic cavities were seen at about teeth 11 and 12 during surgery. The histology report of the specimen revealed a benign lesion suggesting periapical cyst.

Conclusion: There is the need for adequate follow-up and monitoring of replanted teeth the following avulsion to arrest any complication that might arise from the procedure. Also, the importance of endodontic treatment following replantation of the avulsed tooth cannot be overemphasized.

Avulsion, periapical cyst, replantation, trauma.

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Oyedele, T. A., Sodipo, B., Adetayo, A. M., Ajimoko, A. O., & Olawale, E. (2020). Periapical Cyst Following Replantation of Avulsed Teeth: A Case Report. International Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Case Reports, 12(3), 1-6.
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