Facial Itching with Missed Doses of Vilazodone

Tracy L. Skaer, Amanda C. Helmann, Edith Ward

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Rare Fracture of Coronoid Process Along with Zygomatic Complex Fracture- A Case Report

Kalyani Bhate, Deepak Kulkarni, S. N. Santhoshkumar, Kapil Kshirsagar, Vivek Pawar, Ajit Bhagwat

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Novel Therapy May Be the First Line Treatment for Multiple Myeloma but Should Not Be the Last Word: Two Cases Illustrated

Lindsay McCullough, Amy C. Davis, Issam Hamadeh, Ashley Richards, Jan S. Moreb

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Detection of Metastatic Lung Cancer by Immunocytochemistry and Flow Cytometry in a Sample of Pleural Fluid

Manoela Lira Reis, Rafaela Pilon, Aline Costa, Teresa Maria da Silva Figueiredo, Alisson Bigolin, Ana Carolina Rabello de Moraes, Renata Cristina Messores Rudolf de Oliveira, Maria Cláudia Santos da Silva

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Endometrial Cancer Occurring 27 Years after Radiation Therapy for Cervical Carcinoma

Mayumi Kobayashi, Shun-ichi Ikeda, Mitsuya Ishikawa, Hiroshi Yoshida, Reiko Watanabe, Tomoyasu Kato

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