Atypical Femoral Fractures Following Use of Intravenous Zoledronic Acid After Prior Treatment with Alendronate: A Clinical Practice Series and Opinion

W. Banks Hinshaw, Jennifer P. Schneider

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Implementing the Use of Ultrasonography Screening Markers of the Trisomy 18 in the Clinical Practice, in the Era of Non-invasive Prenatal Test: Case Reports

Csilla Dézsi, Andrea Szöllősi, Kitti Sólya, János T. Szabó, Andrea Szabó, László Párducz, János Szabó, Sándor Nagy, Károly Szili

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Acute Presentation of the Neuroendocrine Tumor of the Terminal Ileum with Obstructive Ileus – Case Report

Jurij Janež

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A Case of Mixed Adenoneuroendocrine Carcinoma of Gall Bladder with Review of Literature

Nihal Ibrahim Mirza, Sohaila Fatima, Nazima Haider, Wajih Ahmed Siddiqui

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Low-grade Parosteal Osteosarcoma of the Mandible: A Case Study

Michael O’Halloran, Shane Barton, Timothy Maxwell, Jen Chantler, Richard Carey Smith, Alex Powell, Peter Robbins, Gareth Davies

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