Dr. S. Sundaresan

I have been working on the field of cancer chemoprevention, cancer immunetherapy and tumor marker detection. The most frequent use is as a confirmatory test at the time of initial diagnosis of cancer, together with a battery of other diagnostic procedures. Such use, however, if restricted to the time of diagnosis when histopathologic findings are already known, may be inappropriate. The tumor markers are most useful if utilized not only as confirmatory tests, but also as a part of routine follow-up. The sequential estimation of a tumor marker level during the follow-up period and the chronology of the pattern obtained could then be correlate with the response in the patient to tumor The pattern of current tumor marker use is related to the empirical information about a marker, the perceived ease of interpretation of the laboratory result in the clinical setting, and a reliance on other factors to judge the course of the disease. The administration of indoles and triterpenes for the preventive and curative effects were studied in laboratory animals. Our research study also demonstrated Interferon Beta was shown to synergistically work with chemotherapeutic drugs cisplatin for the liver breast and cervix cancer cells.